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Sell Us Your Bulk!

All cards must be English and in  good condition. And must be tournament legal, so no World Champ cards.

How to send in your bulk!
Once you fill in the form below, you'll get an email telling you where to ship your bulk! 

Please separate your bulk accordingly. Meaning;
You can't mix in your rares with your commons for example. We don't sort the cards so we won't be able to verify what you sent in matches the form. If you do send in your cards all mixed together, we will pay $0.01 per card, keep that in mind! 

If you submit a form for
1,000 commons & uncommons
500 holo rares
100 holo commons
5 Ultra rares
Make sure you package them separate from each other. You can wrap the rares, Ultra rares, etc in paper, in plastic baggies or whatever works! 

Hope that make sense.